Welcome to YOGAFIT….

Created by Terri Montgomery to help people find a way of getting in tune with oneself by engaging in yoga, fitness, meditation, pranayama (breath work) and healthy lifestyle choices.

Having practiced yoga on and off over the years I decided to increase my practice as I learnt under many great teachers at Power Living Duncan Peak owner and Keenan Crisp co owner, Elisha Young plus many more. Then faced my fear and took the steps to participate in teacher training, after qualifying I haven't looked back jumping into teaching immediately it felt so natural. Then further training from amazing teachers such as: 

Power Living Manly AUS (200hrs Yoga Teacher Training)

Sarah Powers USA (Insight yoga - Yin Yoga and Buddhist philosophy and meditation 60hrs) Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat 40hrs Suffolk Pk Byron Bay, Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat 40hrs Mandali Sopra Italy;

Nikola Ellis & Joan Miller (Adore yoga - Yoga Therapy 100hrs)

Yolanda Hyde Yoga Health Collective Mona Vale (The 5 Element Theory 15hrs)

Tiffany Cruikshank USA Yoga Medicine  12hrs

Shiva Rae USA (Prana Vinyasa 50hrs) 

Donna Farhi NZ(Advance Assist training 12hrs)

I've travelled to many places in Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Bali, Nepal trekking, India a spiritual experience of humility, gratitude and amazing connection to the higher source of love and peacefulness,  practicing yoga along the way, learning and growing from every experience.

My greatest teachers are my children. Thank you beautiful souls as you journey on your own paths, Brei, Kristen and Drew. Being a mum can be the most thankless occupation or career but also the most rewarding thing a female could possibly do, give life, nurture, love and then set free to find their own way. I have five grandchildren who are like liquid gold, so rich in life, so real and show so much love. Every time we embrace its like your heart melts and grows at the same time. Ananda (bliss) Thank you Summer, Elysia, Luca,Ned and Indigo my life would not feel as rich if you hadn't entered into it.

I have been participating in a variety of sports all my life since the age of four, enjoying individual and team participation, each giving me many beautiful experiences and lessons along the way, through success and disappointment. Through togetherness as a team, learning how different personalities behave at different moments, particularly under pressure or disappointment. I believe this is called life, forever changing, one thing we can be sure of is birth and death. What we do in between is made up of many thousands of decisions we make from the time we wake up each day, until the time we fall into bed to sleep, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. 

We are what we think we are, our life is an image of our minds and we are the only one responsible for this image. How often do we stop and sit to observe, to understand, to accept how we are with our imperfections and all? To make changes to improve oneself, rather than thinking everyone else is in need of change. Many people in our society are just too busy; busy minds make busy people, for they never stop to still the mind (Mindfulness - Living in this moment) and create an abundance of space by looking within and realising a lot they do is created by the mind and not out of necessity.

What do you really need to be happy? For when you are truly happy, from finding a deep love of self and peacefulness within, there are no more judgments, criticisms or expectations on others, but more an understanding and love, without attachment to the outcome.  When was the last time you stopped to think about an old friend you haven't seen in ages, a elderly relative who might be living alone, giving time to your parents, children one on one, looking at what you eat each day, how you treat people?  Can you find the strength to acknowledge the things you can change and to have the wisdom to accept the things you can't?

YOGAFIT is more than fitness, it's a way of finding yourself, through small steps, to create a healthier and more peaceful existence. To give and receive love, finding abundance in all that we do.

Qualifications:  Power Yoga teacher 200hrs certified; Yoga Therapy 100hrs; Insight Yoga-Yin Yoga Teaching & Mindfulness Meditation 60hrs; Silent Meditation Retreats x 2 Sarah & Ty Powers; Shiva Rae Art of Luna Namaskar, Advanced Assisting Training with Donna Farhi; Cert III Gym Instructor; Cert IV Personal Trainer: Master Trainer; First Aid & CPR; Over 1000 hours of teaching; Yoga Coach at Virgin Active Frenchs Forest;


For all enquiries please contact:

Terri Montgomery
Mobile: 0423 138 738
Email: terri@yogafit.com.au


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of 31 Days of Yoga. My raft carried me to a new place. I released my anger to cancer that I didn’t even know I had and packed it away to another place and brought me peace and tranquility and most importantly confidence in my own health again.I know you put tireless hours into making it happen. I very much appreciate it.

With Love and Peace Sept 2018

Thank you for being an encouraging, positive, inspirational person in my life this past year. Sept 2018

Thank you for all your efforts and lovely insights during the 31 Days of Yoga. I loved the experience and it has inspired me in so many ways.

Karin Sept 2018

A quick Thank you for all you have done, not only in the 31 Days of Yoga program, but also more generally over the past 18 months of my dipping my toe into your world of yoga. Thanks John

Thank you Terri for a wonderful class this afternoon - simple didn't mean easy! Thank you for all the little corrections during class too. 

Teah 2018

Hi Terri,

I just finished a 90min class with Terri and it was amazing!!! After spending all day at home with a grizzly, teething, sick 8 month old it was such a luxurious treat.I walked out feeling so much better than when I walked in. I'm a different person! It was obvious Terri had spent a lot of time and energy preparing for the event and along with the live music, the class was such a special experience.

Virgin Active member 2017

Just wanted to thank you for giving so much over the weekend. I hope you have sometime to relax, reflect and rejuvenate yourself after the gift of a healing, caring and wonderfully fun weekend you gave us all! Such a gift thank you xoxoxox

Michelle Aug 2015

Amazing, I come out of every class with you feeling revitalised and loved.

Your compassion, strength and loving approach to every student is the reason I chose you to be my yoga teacher.

Brianna Aug 2015

Thanks Terri, for another great year of yoga and for helping me on the journey… especially calming the mind and staying strong through this difficult time. xox Much Love                                

Barb Dec 2014

Sunrise Yoga at Dee Why Headland is energising, breathtaking—that view is glorious—soulful and habit-forming. I’m not an early-riser, but now Tuesday is my favourite morning and the afterglow lasts all day! Terri’s yoga (cycles, classes-not sure the correct word?) are magic—they move the body, mind and soul and leave you feeling light and strong, flexible and calm. Unbeatable!

Terri is a warm, wonderful and wise teacher. She brings yoga to life in a way that is transformative. She draws together her extensive knowledge of the body’s muscular and skeletal systems, her understanding of mindfulness and well-being, with a unique ability to tailor yoga programs to meet your individual needs. Weekly one-on-one yoga sessions with Terri have enabled me to reach a new level in my yoga practice. Terri took the time to understand my particular needs—my posture from a sedentary job was terrible—and designed a yoga-program especially for my body and my personal goals. That program just feels so right that now I don’t go a day without yoga—it’s part of my daily routine. I am stronger, more flexible, and more attuned to the body’s natural alignment, but I’m also learning to manage stress through yoga, meditation and breathing. Terri is one in a million!   Michelle  25/11/2014

I took up yoga just to try it. It was more a coincidence or would you like to call it providence. I went to one of Terri's yoga classes in the gym and loved it straight away. Sometimes, very rarely in life you meet a person where you feel a deeper connection a trust and love without even knowing that person… that is you Terri, thank you. When I'm in your lesson I feel like there is a process, everytime another little step. The benefits i have felt are my hips, butt, thighs and hip flexors are less tight. I have a better balance and my feet are stronger. I am working on the obstacles (my demons) Opening up a little bit at a time, step by step. Thank you so much Terri. Thankyou for your beautiful flows and inspiring words. Much gratitude that our paths have crossed.

Susanne 11/12/14

Terri is great! Compassionate, loving and understanding. Helps me to move beyond, to strengthen and find the courage within myself. I've taken up yoga to become more mindful of my body, my physical, mental and emotional well being. Reconnecting! Working with Terri I am feeling myself become stronger and at the same time more peaceful. One of the benefits I've felt since practicing are that the muscles around my hips have strengthened and at the same time they feel more open, they have always been weak and tight.Terri holds each individual with unconditional positive regard, very empathetic and fun to have a laugh with :-) xx              

Emma-Jean 2/12/2014

I've taken up yoga for fitness and relaxation. I like Terri's style, method and care. Terri is easy to understand and especially enjoy your personal touch to all students.The benefits I've received are Peace and Fitness. I would definitely recommend Terri and Love it. Thank you Terri -

Diana 27/11/2014

Terri is a very patient and capable yoga teacher, I would absolutely recommend her, as my health, physical strength and posture has greatly improved. My mind is clearer and more peaceful. I took up yoga with Terri as we are friends and now see the greatness in Terri as a yoga teacher. The practice has improved my knowledge of yoga and enjoyment of yoga. - 

Karen 2/12/14

I’ve been with the program for 30 months now. This whole exercise thing was totally foreign to me and with anyone else I soon would have given up, no question. But Terri managed to keep me going by making it fun, understanding my limitations and patiently applying her awesome expertise and knowledge. Today I have vastly better fitness and flexibility but more importantly am mentally together. The blend of eastern yoga and western fitness training really works for me. Terri is a beautiful person and I owe her so much.

Thank you Terri for the support, motivation and inspiration which has helped me with my fitness and life in general. You're a great trainer and a wonderful person! I'm looking forward to trying your new concept of combining fitness (circuit training) with yoga outdoors, YOGAFIT! 

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my yoga experience yesterday. As you know, with the problems I have with my knees and shoulders, it's not possible to keep up with the flow in a group session.
The individual attention you have me in the lovely area you have set up at your home was exactly what I hoped for when I committed to embracing the benefits of Yoga.
You were mindful of my physical capabilities and knew how far to extend me and then how to nurture me when I needed special adaptations to the sequences you had prepared.
The stretching and final meditation was so calming and moving emotionally and I am so looking forward to continuing the journey in your capable and loving care.  Namaste!