Self Respect

Self Respect being responsible for your own character, respect yourself then you are relying on self with no doubt. 

Can you look in the mirror and truly say I Love Me? Three magic words that help you maintain your self respect. It may be difficult at first, don't let the mind/ego take over, go within to your soul, the authentic you, not the conditioned you.

Now, grab a pen and write  a positive affirmation such as I am whole and perfect as I was created! Creating  a higher energy of abundance direct to you :-)
Appreciate other people more, extend respect to others and to all life.

Have a sense of belonging, Self Actualization, you belong here, everyone belongs, the wisdom of creation intended you to be here, in this place, in this family with these siblings and parents, occupying this space. I Belong! I am never alone. I belong to the universe, a beautiful creation of nature, with love and respect for self I am never alone!

Respect your body! You have been provided with a perfect body to house your inner invisible being. Regardless of size, shape or colour, I am a perfect creation for the purpose of being here. If your body isn't in good shape right now, it's never to late to begin finding the respect for self and changing the things you can, to get back on track. Go within listen to your body and treat it with dignity and love, small steps to find your way, not hatred, sadness, quick fast fixes but slow long lasting steps, this is the way to a happier and life changing result.

Meditate to stay in conscious contact with your source, which always respects you. When you're connected to the field of intention, your connected to the wisdom that is within you. Make time each day to connect and feel the energy within, guidance from the self.

Make amends with those that may have hurt you in the past, forgiveness, love, self respect, you will feel better, clearing the air of negativity and bringing abundance your way. 

Remember the 'self in self-respect' - the opinion of others are just that, you're none of those opinions. You're not responsible for how they view you. The only thing you are responsible for is your own character, respect yourself then you are relying on self with no doubt.

Gratitude, yes being in a state of Gratitude, appreciate what you have, not to dwell on what you don't. Thank you Creator for everything that has shown up in my life.  Gratitude is the exact same thing as being in a state of respect - respect for self, which you give away freely and which will return to you tenfold.

The above information is referenced from The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer.