YogaFit's Winter Retreat Review - Kangaroo Valley - SoulFilled - Connections



Thank you for so much for all of the love time and effort that went into this retreat. You did an amazing job.

You have taught me to listen to my body, to accept what is and to believe in myself. I always feel amazing in your energy and loving nature and classes.

I love your passion for yoga and your amazing breadth of knowledge. You also have a beautiful energy that makes me feel good as soon as I get to class.

I have done very little yoga prior to this retreat. I have enjoyed all that I have done this weekend.

I enjoy your classes, building on technique and I like the music in class.

I love your classes.

You are dedicated and passionate about what you do and are en effective teacher that is creative in your classes.

As your teacher: 

I feel safe practicing with you and I love the spirituality and love you bring with you.

You are knowledgeable about the body, mind and spirit connection. You are my friend and have such a caring, loving, informative nature.

Your classes are fabulous learning about the body, muscles and yoga. 

Your compassion, strength and loving approach to every student and friend - Gratitude.

I think you are an excellent teacher.

Can't remember why I chose you to be my teacher, but I'm glad I did!

I was introduced to you by my friend. I love the way you teach. Strong, guiding and supporting classes.

Your warmth, vitality and direction.

Practicing with you is beneficial as I know there is no judgement and I can practice to my own level.

The process of practicing: 

You inspire me to become better and I'm enjoying the challenge.

Amazing, I come out of every class with you feeling revitalised and loved.

I learn so much and you explain the right way to do things which is great.

You take time to explain. I also feel that you are very intuitive. 

Enjoyable because you take that extra care of your yogini's.

I have definitely grown thanks to your support.

Good, progressing with different stances, enjoy flow the most.

I love how your practice is balanced

Very well, learning more every day, hour and minute.

Learning more about my own limitations, to support myself, to aid healing and to help with breathing.

Facility: Avrajita

By far exceeded my expectations, clean, comfortable, warm and modern. Peaceful and Serene!

Fantastic, clean, modern, spacious, beautiful surrounds, will come again. Beautiful! Beautiful calm clean environment.

Lovely, very well kept and beautiful environment. Very peaceful, calming and feels well thought through.

Terrific location, wonderfully clean and provides everything. Serene and comfy, I slept well. Perfect.

It is really lovely here, clean and well looked after.

Vegan Food: 

Delicious and filling. Incredible! 10 Points? Incredible and Plentiful. Amazing! Loved the Food! Delicious and Nutritous.

Fantastic! Going to eat more healthier food. Amazing! Fantastic 200% Excellent, I am grateful for the thought, care and quality of the food, thank you. 


Lots of me time and a chance to connect.

Being still & the calmness - Concentrated on my breath and I loved the feeling of connecting with my body.

Relaxation, Emotional release, awareness of my body, good friendships, amazing food to nourish my Soul.

I have let emotions out that needed to surface. I have calmed my body and mind, now have some clarity of the journey I know want to take to make my life better.

The retreat has helped me somewhat with a problem that has caused a lot of emotional pain.

My first full Lotus pose, this would not have been possible before the retreat, have gained more flexibility and released emotional tension from losing my grandma.

Taking on some challenges, socialising, building friendships. Becoming more motivated to practice more.

I have enjoyed strengthening, stretching and calming myself.


Learning more about my own limitations, enjoying the food, the yoga and the company.

What did you enjoy the most? 

Being in the yurt with candles burning - whisper circle was beautiful

The whispering circle was powerful a good Soul giver and emotional release. 

The meditation, coming out of my comfort zone to try a headstand yay!

All the exercise, the food plus the 'whispering circle.' Many thanks Terri you and Dan have done a beautiful job!

The food, the accommodation and your dedication to the retreat.

Venue, people and yoga practice.

Enjoyed the variety of types of yoga and meditation, thoughtfulness and the yummy food.

Additional Feedback:

Thank you so much for all the heart and soul you have put into this retreat. It was wonderful and I am very grateful I got to share it. xx

Thank you Terri for a wonderful weekend.

The yang classes, also the 'Whisper circle'. I love a good stretch and the tennis balls were great! Myofascia release class.

You packed a lot into our weekend, great for us, but exhausting for you xx

Loved it Terri - looking forward to next time. The whole experience shows how much time and effort you have put into the retreat to make it work so well thank you.

You have worked very hard in making this a very rewarding experience and thought through everything. We have been a privileged to have all your expertise.

Thank you for your gifts both physical (stone & painting) and all your other

I love your extras music (live & recorded), philosophy, little readings.

Enquires for the next retreat: Email: or 0423 138 738 Terri

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