Believe in yourself

To Believe in yourself... Have you ever doubted your ability, never finished what you started out to achieve? Could fear of not being good enough or to fail come to mind?

Where does this self talk come from? The mind/ego or the heart? Fear v's Love

Letting go of fear allows you to go deeper into your being, centre your focus around your heart, feel all of it, every emotion, yes not just the happy one!

You'll discover a shining star! Trust in your power of love. Feel an ocean of love and light within your body, a calmness at your core. Can you breath and listen to your breathe, now can you let go of the fear your mind is creating to trust in your love. Right now in the moment where you can change your thoughts from fear to love and step into your potential of endless possibilities. One eternal heart forever that loves you for you no matter what the circumstances. Believe!!!

If you'd like to explore this and more come to my Yin Yoga Workshop exploring the heart and lung meridian lines, emotional body and deep yoga nidra relaxation to still the mind, to hear your breath and feel from your centre. This Saturday 1.30-4pm more details on website under events or call 0423 138 738