Life is not the straight path

I'm back after almost a year in April of putting my energies into a role that came on my path to serve others in a corporate venue. I'm currently a Yoga Coach at Virgin Active my role is to grow the yoga community by supporting the existing teachers, members and implemenation of new products and ideas. I'm not the identity of the role, but passionate about what I'm doing there all things yoga. I love teaching yoga and I want to get back to doing more of that, not only at Virgin but further afield like a use to.

It's been a great experience to date but what I realised is I've been neglecting my own path in some ways. Yogafit - teaching yoga is my passion, I have just finished a week of yoga teacher training with Shiva Rae an American yoga teacher full of life and love. So many things I have taken away from this time with Shiva the most prominent being to get back on my own raft (mat) and replenish, reset and walk in the direction to fulfil my destiny.

Yoga has so many ways of helping us see the light, the simple things we can do to care more, to listen and making time to make a difference in the most simple of ways.

A lady was lost in the car park yesterday, I think we've all been there when we're distracted and haven't taken note of the location we parked before heading into shopping. I could see she was a little distressed, so I stopped and we worked out together where she came in and the level of the carpark that was. Got her to get out the auto open button of her car to start beeping, that saving light you see flash by. We had a good laugh and then off we sailed on to our next destinations. I do hope she found her car, what I do know was for the short time we had together, I listened, cared and we laughed. Simple things in the moment that's what life is made up of, the curves and bumps along the way, to stop, breath, care, love, listen and then proceed along the not straight path.

Quote by Maya Angelou

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Making time matters...

xx Terri